Six Months Progress for Diamond Valley Community

OCTOBER 1, 2013 TO MARCH 31, 2014

Good’s System Management, LLC (GSM) was hired by the District and took over management October 1, 2013. Below is a list of improvements that have been accomplished with the Diamond Valley Water District Board since GSM, LLC began:

  • Communication of planned & emergency water outages through:
    • DVWD website
    • Newsletter via e-mail
    • Signs posted throughout Diamond Valley
  • Prompt and courteous customer response
  • Consistent and accurate process of monthly meter reading, data entry and billing
  • Implementation of off-site data back up
  • Going green, paperless system
  • Upgraded District’s office equipment and software
  • Updated and validated all 700+ customer accounts for accuracy
  • Organization and identification of rate codes for accurate data analyst
  • Validated data in billing software to create accurate reports
  • Created a website for DVWD for communication and on-line services
  • Established on-line service bill pay (PayClix) and paperless bills
  • Implemented bar codes on bill cards for efficient delivery
  • Significant reduction in accounts payable and past due balances
  • Established a collection agency for bad debt
  • Implementation of delinquent accounts management
  • Development of Water Service Applications and Rate Sheet for new budget process
  • Restructured accounting process to include QuickBooks and Bookkeeper
  • Reconciliation achieved between billing software and financial data
  • All district properties tax status updated and now in compliance
  • Internal controls established for proper accounting and auditing practices
  • Prompt leak repair management
  • Decreased system repair costs by 15%
  • Monthly identification and replacement of  non-working meters
  • Consistent system monitoring
  • Grounds maintenance and clean-up performed on all pump stations
  • Extermination of all District buildings and ongoing pest control maintenance
  • Reconstruction and upgrade of Ramada Pump Station
  • Tank inspection and cleaning initiated and completed
  • Completion and submission of Emergency Response Plan to Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  • Mandate for backflow prevention brought into compliance
  • Multiple Compliance Violations with Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) resolved. Audit for additional compliance issues on going.
  • Application completed, submitted  and accepted for Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA) Project Priority List
  • Grant completion and submission
  • Completed Rate Analysis study per WIFA request
  • Environmental Review completion and submission
  • Project development in process for underground infrastructure replacement project
  • Approval to receive application for WIFA loan for underground infrastructure replacement project
  • Managing the coordination necessary to begin bid process for system replacement design package
  • Established rapport between District and Regulatory Agencies
  • District Resolutions reviewed, updated and created
  • Ongoing education for Board and Management edification




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