Triangle Development Corporation managed Diamond Valley (DV) Water Services.

In 1990 all nine wells that provided water to Diamond Valley by the Shamrock Water Company were abandoned


Triangle Development Corporation filed for bankruptcy and an intervention was imposed by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)


A contract was “restated and amended” between Shamrock Water Company and Diamond Valley Water User’s Corporation, with Prescott Valley, to provide water for the Diamond Valley Community on December 3rd, 1996.


The ACC transferred assets to the Diamond Valley Water Users Corporation (DVWUC) in March of 1997.

Diamond Valley Water Users Corporation (DVWUC) managed Diamond Valley (DV) water services under the ACC with many Interim Managers:

  • 1994 – 2005: Triangle Development Corporation
  • 2005 – 2006: Bradshaw Management Corporation
  • 2006 – 2007: DVWUC


  • Dec 20th, 2006: The District established Diamond Valley Water District (DVWD)
  • Condition of the above ground equipment: 2006 pictures (pdf)


  • Jan 12th, 2007: First District meeting was held
  • Aug 26th, 2007: ACC transferred DVWUC assets to DVWD


Diamond Valley Water District’s (DVWD) Operations/Management services:


  1. 12/3/1996 Water Agreement Contract between Shamrock Water Company and Diamond Valley Water Users Corporation (DVWUC)
  2. Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Order & Opinion docket #W-03262A-07-0244 dated 11/16/2007


DVWD Water Distribution System
  • Original Development of System was not built to water industry standards
  • Consecutive water system from Prescott Valley Water District (PVWD)
  • Water is transferred to the DVWD from Prescott Valley’s 8-inch mainline
  • System consists of pipes, pumps and other conveyances
    • Three storage tanks
    • Four booster stations
    • Seven booster pumps
  • Distribution system comprised of approximately 72,000ft of mainlines
    • Majority of mainlines are asbestos/cement (transite) piping
  • Serving approximately 715 meter hook-ups
  • Water Loss reported at approximately 28%
  • Water Usage History for Fiscal Year (pdf)
  • Water Usage History for Calendar Year (pdf)
  • Leak Reports (pdf)